Sarah Elizabeth Photography: Blog en-us (C) Sarah Elizabeth Photography [email protected] (Sarah Elizabeth Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:34:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:34:00 GMT Sarah Elizabeth Photography: Blog 91 120 Dublin - Keisha & Ninan I first met Keisha almost a year ago at a bridal educational workshop.  She seemed so sweet, that I knew I wanted her as my bride... but things are never that easy.  For the next bridal workshop she brought her fiance, Ninan, with her.  I witnessed how well their personalities complimented each other from the start.  As Ninan and I talked, we discovered that his parents were from the same part of India as my father (Kerala, India)... which meant we shared a Malayalee culture as well as a Christian Faith.  (Growing up in Ohio, it's been rare to meet another Malayalee, outside of family).

It had been a couple of months since I first sat down with Keisha and Ninan for a consultation, so I had given up hope that they would choose me as their photographer... but they finally came back to me and asked me to work with them.  :)  It's always a huge honor when a couple chooses me to be a part of their very special day!!

So, we first did engagement pictures along the Scioto Mile in downtown Columbus.  


And then, yesterday - Aug. 17, 2013 - the big day finally arrived!!  And it was gorgeous!!  Keisha and Ninan not only celebrated their love and commitment for one another; they also brought together two cultures and combined traditions to make this day that much more meaningful.  Guests traveled in from all over the world to witness and celebrate their marriage.  There was love and laughter everywhere you went and by the end of the night, the whole room felt like one big family.  

Many blessings to Ninan & Keisha as they begin their lives together as a married couple!!  My love to you both!!  ~Sarah Elizabeth


A lot goes into making the wedding day successful, so thanks to Linda Evans, the coordinator, & Pastor Sarah at New Hope Church in Powell (next to the Zoo); Jim with Ohio Limos;  The Venue at Corazon - for allowing us to use their grounds for pre-wedding pictures; Mega Beat Entertainment (Chris & Jennifer Holloway) provided the DJ, Photo Booth & all of the Flowers for the wedding and reception; Debra at the Bridgewater Banquet & Conference Center for the reception; Tricia Gale's Patty Cakes - which everyone raved about; Videographer Chris Johnson with New Prospects Video; and I can't forget Miss Pamela Glover!! - She helped throughout the entire day!

(Also a BIG thank you to my assistants - Caryn who was my 2nd photographer for the day and Sara who acted as my right hand and second head.)


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North Bank Park:: Conte Wedding OH MY GOODNESS!!! What a day for an outdoor wedding!!! Especially since it was suppose to thunderstorm ALL DAY!  AnnaMaria, the bride, and I kept watching the weather all week leading up to yesterday.  Our plans for outdoor pictures were seemingly going to be washed out by the rain.  So, being the good photographer, I called places and found back-up indoor locations for all of the portraits... because it is Central Ohio - land of the unpredictable weather.  So as we all prayed all week for decent weather, just enough to get us through the ceremony.  

When I arrived at Mama Judy's house (AnnaMaria's childhood home), we watched the weather forecast slowly change from 60% chance, to 20% to 0% - and rejoiced as the sun came out!!  What a blessing!!! Although we were prepared to follow-through on the back-up plans it was a wonderful feeling that we didn't have to.  

I had such a great time with AnnaMaria & Matthew yesterday, that I just had to share some of what happened... 

AnnaMaria & Matthew are such a sweet, fun-loving couple!!  They wanted their wedding to represent their families as well as their own personalities, so during the ceremony, Matthew said his vows in Spanish (AnnaMaria's family language) and she said her vows in Italian (Matthew's family language).  Instead of a unity candle, they placed a bottle of wine in a wooden box, along with love letters that they wrote to each other... not to be opened until their fifth wedding anniversary. 

Mama Judy (as I affectionately call AnnaMaria's mom) kept the dancing going all night long with her personal selection of music.  As the evening continued into night, and all of the women's shoes came off, someone couldn't help but stick her toes into the fountain to cool off just a tad.  However, the groom and his friends had a better idea.

Many blessings to Matthew & AnnaMaria as they begin their lives together as a married couple!!  My love to you both!!  ~Sarah Elizabeth


A lot goes into making the wedding day successful, so thanks to North Bank Park, Patrick from Team DJ, Dave from Doug Melvin Photography (Photobooth), Berwick Manor for all of the delicious food, Faithfully Yours Beauty for the bride's make-up and D'Angelos for the yummy cake!!

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Studio 3 Photo Shoot I love collaborating with other vendors!  It feels more like a day of play versus work.  So when Studio 3 asked me to be the photographer for a photo shoot they were organizing, of course I jumped on the opportunity.  Kendra & Kadi, from Studio 3, brought together Niflr Mobile Menswear (Neil actually comes to you for fittings, drop off and pick-up... talk about customer-friendly!!); Prema Designs (Rita designs beautiful boutiques.  She also takes your wedding day dreams and gives them life - creating your day exactly how your imagined it); Ritzy Rose (Jen & Jason are a husband and wife team that create custom designed pieces from vintage pieces of jewelry.  They just opened up a storefront in Pickerington for both Ritzy Rose and Vintage Diehls (a play off of their last name)); Elegant Bride (Honestly, if I weren't already married, I would shop here - the gowns were gorgeous); our wonderful models DeLain, Lauren, Spinisha, Lacey, Isha, Annie - found through Model Mayhem; and of course we cannot forget to mention the very generous Blackwell (on OSU's campus) that allowed us to stage everything at their location.


Again, a BIG THANKS to Studio 3's Kendra & Kadi for organizing this!!  

And to Rachel from The Blackwell at OSU for allowing us to use their facility!

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Baby #3 It seems like only yesterday that I took this picture of Mama Julie and first born Q.  

And yet, here we are again, getting ready for another baby.

Little Miss A will be the princess surrounded by an older brother and now a younger brother.  Baby L is bound to come any day now.

Many blessings to both Daddy & Mama!!

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Zoo Wedding I met Bob in a Kinship Group via Vineyard Church of Columbus a couple a years ago. Though my husband and I did not stay in the group very long, Bob and I stayed in contact.  He needed a new profile picture for his online dating page; and then, like most of my clients, we became friends - keeping in touch through email.  

I hadn't heard from him in a long time (almost 7 months), when I got an email, stating that he had found her.  And they were getting married.  They wanted a small wedding at the Columbus Zoo - their favorite date place.  And Bob wanted me to be the photographer, so he asked if I had July 3rd available (two weeks away from when he asked)... luckily for him because it was a Wednesday - yes I did. 


Bob was so excited to introduce me to his new love - Brenda.  Like a schoolboy all over again, he was giddy and at times speechless. Bob had always been hopeful that this kind of love would enter his life again. And Brenda is perfect him. They both have a great sense of humor, a love of nature, a love and desire to explore the world through travel and working with people through ministries at church (they both attend Vineyard).  And most importantly, they both wanted to find someone who shared their strong Faith in God. 

Brenda wanted to get married in the Aviary section of the zoo, but because they were not renting space - they had to keep the wedding small.  I've been to the Aviary before and knew that it wasn't a large space, but I wasn't expecting the wedding to be this small.  :) There were only 4 people in attendance: Bob, Brenda, Pastor Charles & myself. It was very intimate and sweet.  Brenda had planned for us all to get there when the zoo first opened at 9am and then b-line for the Aviary.  We were alone with only the birds as our witnesses.  

(In no way, am I a morning person; however when it comes to photography, the earlier the better.  We beat the heat, the crowds and the lighting is great early in the morning!!  So Brenda timed it perfectly!!)

Many Blessings to both Bob & Brenda and their timeless love!!  

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